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Bestway Pool 15ft

I wanted a pool and an inground wasn't feasible. I have a small, fenced garden so i thought a small above ground pool would do the trick. I settled on the 14ft Bestway pool.

First Impressions

It came in one box and I was able to drag it into the garden.

The Process

I actually had to do this whole project on my own. Im 66 so it was a job!!

Once, after hours of ground prep I was ready to set up the pool. The Pool itself seems sturdy enough. The lining of the pool was easy to setup with the poles. The poles went together easily. It was quite easy but you do need 2 people for this. So now we are ready to fill.

I started to fill the pool and it needs to be stretched to prepare to get in and make sure your edges are flat. well that's all good but there isn't a flat piece of land on my property including under the pool that I thought was level. My water ran to one side but I managed to smooth the pool bottom. So I have a deep end and a shallow end. But thats my problem not the pool manufacturer.

Now the also give you a filter for it. It comes with a 680 GPH Filter Pump. The pump works well for the small pool. I however have my pool in a shaded and tree area and it got green pretty quickly, so I ordered a Sand filter pump,

This pool worked great with a heater that I had purchased.

Pros and Cons

I put this pool up in 2022. I am writing this review in 2023

I decided to redo the pool area because of the unevenness of the pool. I had emptied the whole pool in Oct. I had laid most of the sides down and covered it up with 2 tarps.

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